The secret to a happy marriage life – separate bathrooms

Two bathrooms — and the admission of a preference for them — is in part a declaration of a “highly egalitarian marriage,” she said. “It can be a reflection that at least in this aspect of life, there’s equality.”
“The bathroom is a space where we attend to highly intimate aspects of ourselves, and a high-risk environment to reveal habits of cleanliness, which can be contentious for couples,” she said. “On a superficial level, having two bathrooms might allow for maintaining a higher level of romance, keeping a degree of mystery.”
“Whenever anybody comes in with a ‘preventing’ issue, it’s really more about the dynamic that exists between the couple, rather than critical issues,” she said. “As is often the case in therapy or when people have a complaint, it’s almost never about the particular issue at hand, but the dynamic about the thing that’s being talked about.”
“There are no shortcuts (to maintaining a long, happy relationship),” said Petiford. “We’re always looking for them: Tell me what the secret is! But the bottom line is that relationships are hard work. Hard work, and a lot of communication — no matter how many bathrooms you have.”

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