Mind, Meditation, Mantra

hallucinations of the mundane world.

In meditation, mantra helps the scattered mind to achieve a state of one-pointedness, absorbing the idea of cosmic super-consciousness that carries within, the mantra itself.

Every word in this universe bears an acoustic sound; every utterance possesses a rhythmic vibration and carries a significant meaning. Mantra, too, is a precise and condensed form of all these three aspects and is an essential part of meditation.

Meditation is a physio-psychic and psycho-spiritual process of withdrawing the mind from the external world and concentrating in an internal energy centre, or chakra, within our corporal frame.

The next step is to sit still like arock and attune the mind with mantric spirit. In mantra meditation, breathing, which is intimately linked with the mind, becomes slow and deep and, ultimately, the mind becomes introverted, calm and peaceful.
In all our existential expressional phenomena, it is the mind that steers the psyche, “manah pragraha me va cha”. It is the mind that acts with the present, frames the future and even rewinds the past; with the application of intelligence, intuition and conscience. But the mind, by nature, is always diversified and it runs after hallucinations of the mundane world.
Mantras are special and potent as the right mantra can lead you to the path of salvation.

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