Lessons for Reclaiming Peace of Mind At The Workplace

At work, when faced with people arguing or fighting with us, we can choose to retaliate and hurt them back, we can forgive them or just stay cool, instead of holding a grudge and increasing our load of bad thoughts, words, and deeds of retaliation.

When we forgive, we also help ourselves physically and mentally.
As we go about our lives, we seldom think about the words we speak or the actions we perform. We react to happenings without giving a thought to possible consequences. Someone does something at work we don’t like, so we lash out at them. We harbour resentment for hours, days, weeks, months and sometimes years. At work, consider how many times people think angry thoughts about others. Thoughts are potent and carry vibrations.

Consider how many times we say something hurtful to someone else. That too carries vibrations. It is said that more than physical pain is the pain inflicted by verbal abuse and angry outbursts. It takes us longer to get over than a physical bruise.

If we are mean and bad tempered and we hurt others, most likely they will react in a similar fashion and so we become the object of their anger. It’s easy to fall victim not only to others who may hurt or mistreat us, but also to our own anger. It takes strength to overcome anger. The angry person is actually succumbing to the emotion out of weakness. It takes one who is brave at heart to resist anger.

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