Do good and expect nothing


Yes, it is good. You can do good and expect nothing in return because, we don’t get anything in return always. But nature will give you good things if you do good to any individual. As there’s a saying “what goes around comes around” whether it is good or bad.

There is a famous old Hindi saying which roughly translated says “Do good, and then throw it into the river”. What it essentially means is that you need to do what you need to do, you need to do good, be kind, be honest, be compassionate and forgiving, but having done that, stop right there, and throw your expectations into the river. End of story.

We do good to others, not with the intention of that good being returned, for that would be business, not love. We do good because we are inherently good, we have good tendencies, we have realised that doing good brings us happiness, harmony and peace of mind. So, we set out to do good. But what we forget is that each of us behaves as per our mindset. And what we think is good may not necessarily be good for others, or may not help them in the best possible way. A story is told of a village bumpkin who was standing on the banks of a river, catching fish, and throwing thiem out on the river bank. When a village elder who was passing by asked him what he was doing, the village bumpkin replied that he was saving the fish who were drowning in the river. Noble and great intentions, a good deed indeed, to save someone from drowining, but the results of his deeds were disastrous. And obviously, if he was expecting appreciation or applause, he was in for a rude shock for all he got was criticism and insults. Am sure till his last day, he never figured out what went wrong.

So, it is true that good begets good, but this concept is not as linear, as mathematical or as logical as we think it is. Dont worry, all the good that you do does go into your karmic or akashaic accounts, and will be duly returned with interest at the appropriate time. But the human mind is very linear, very rational, very businesslike, and we expect profits in the very venture where we invested. This works in the outer world, but in the Universe, the maths is different.

The very act of doing good is reward enough; it is not a commercial transaction that looks to profit and loss. So do good without expecting something in return and you will reap the benefit in some way or other.

One day Jesus Christ cured 10 lepers of their disease. But, do you know how many of them stayed on to express their gratitude or even say a word of thanks to Jesus? Just one! Read the account of Luke in the Bible; it says that Jesus turned and enquired of his disciples, “Where are the other nine?” The disciples answered ”Master, their selfish interest is fulfilled and, therefore, they have now gone from here.” Jesus smiled and proceeded to help other persons, telling his disciples ”Do good unto others.” Help for the inner joy of helping.

Next day, a well-dressed gentleman visited the farmer and thanked him for saving the life of his son. He wished to reward the farmer. Fleming declined, saying he had only done his duty. Looking at a little boy, the gentleman asked Fleming if that was his son. Fleming nodded and was told: “This boy, one day will make you proud!”

Then on the gentleman took full responsibility for the upbringing and education of that boy. He grew up to become a world-renowned scientist. He was Alexander Fleming. He benefited humanity by his invention of penicillin. A few months after this invention, the son of that gentleman was hit by a severe attack of pneumonia! You know how his life was saved (for the second time)? With penicillin! He was Winston Churchill.

So, it is true that what goes around, comes around. Nature doesn’t retain anything. It returns everything with interest.

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