Diwali week! – Don’t do these things during Dipawali

We always pray to Goddess Laxmi during Diwali – however, do you know that apart from doing everything right on Diwali, there are things that you should not do as well?

Apart from all that is auspicious this Diwali, are a few things that are considered inauspicious as well – here are things that you should absolutely not do this Diwali.

Don’t indulge in fights

Make sure that you do not fight with your friends and family on Diwali —- make sure that you have a positive atmosphere in the house and everyone is cheerful and happy.

Don’t get angry

It is considered very inauspicious to shout or get angry on Diwali — make sure that you keep your temper under control on Diwali and are nice to everyone around you

Don’t keep the house dirty

This one is a no-brainer. You should always keep your house clean during the Diwali week. Make sure that your house smells great this Diwali and there is no garbage lying around.

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